UK Exchange Coinfloor Embraces 'No-Fee' Bitcoin Trading
Coinfloor turned into the UK's leading bitcoin exchange focussing on consumers and investors buying, selling and trading the virtual currency.
Coinfloor Market and the introduction of professional bitcoin brokers is the next step for bitcoin's adoption.
Estonian Bank LHV has made further links with the digital currency space, having partnered with UK exchange Coinfloor to handle user deposits.
Since its founding two years ago, the company has become the biggest exchange for bitcoin-to-sterling transactions by volume of currency traded.
Is Bitcoin the future of money? A range of experts, including Mark Lamb, debate the long term viability of Bitcoin and its potential role in democratising global fiscal structures.
Adam Knight, who has been an angel investor in London since leaving Credit Suisse on 2011, has become executive chairman of Coinfloor and taken a stake in the company in a fresh fundraising round.
By publishing a list of accounts and balances, Coinfloor has made it possible for customers to scrutinise the internal workings of the exchange.
The U.K. exchange, called Coinfloor, is one of the first to try to prove it is solvent by publishing a list of accounts and balances...encoded in a way that account holders can identify their own accounts.
The company, which launched last year, is partnering with a Financial Conduct Authority-regulated trading firm to help financial institutions meet bulk orders for the digital currency.
Mark Lamb, explains the platform aims to become the first publicly auditable bitcoin exchange and has already taken measures to be compliant with regulations.
As well as accounting know how, these new players will bring real tech expertise, and a desire to play by the rules.
The company is focussed first and foremost on the security of the bitcoins on the platform. It is also employing full electronic AML and KYC procedures and engaging with the UK's Financial Conduct Authority and Europe's Payment Services Regulations.
One of the reasons we were keen to partner with Coinfloor is because from the very start they have been committed to rigorous KYC/AML electronic and manual checks, and would be prepared if the UK FCA and HMRC ever decided to regulate this space.
The firm promises to provide a high-frequency trading platform that uses secure, state-of-the-art technology.


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