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Turpi Turpii
00:01 - 23:59
50 GBP
10000 GBP

Trade Time
The fastest release time with the most competitive rates.

Avg. transaction time: 00:00:10
Your trade will process in under 1 minute providing you use the correct reference i.e TRAN12345

*Please always double check the payment details provided.*

Larger Orders
For orders of £10k and above, please feel free to contact us for the most competitive rates on this platform. We can facilitate any order up to £10million 24/7.

Contact Username: turpiturpi
Phone: +447432641331

We are the longest serving broker on this platform and have been providing bitcoin to UK buyers since 2013.

If you have any questions, please get in touch and we will answer them as soon as we can.

We're usually free for a chat or via text. If you haven't received your bitcoins within 5 minutes, please feel free to phone us for an update.