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00:01 - 23:59
20 GBP
10000 GBP

Hi, we are LondonLink, Coinfloor's #1 Brokers. We have been bitcoin advocates and brokers for
over 5 years.

We always offer bitcoins at the best prices as fast as possible and aim to complete all transactions within maximum of 1 minute. (Our average release time displayed is incorrect due to one international trade which took a week).

If you are buying from us you can be sure of a great service and fast transaction times.

We can provide regular buyers with a discount, so please let me know if you would like to discuss this. Coinfloor Market has a £10,000 per trade limit but we can supply bitcoins through OTC trades up to £10 million very close to spot.

Please only send payments from your registered bank account, not your friends or business bank accounts unless you have a corporate account on coinfloor.

Please contact us on tawk or via if you are interested in large one off or ongoing trades.